Specializing in the production of bus processing machine manufacturers

2-3L130 semi-automatic bus processing machine

Specializing in the production of bus processing machine manufacturers

use  This machine is mainly used for processing copper and aluminum busbars of various high and low voltage power transmission and distribution complete sets of electrical and power transformers. It is used for copper and aluminum busbar cutting, punching, bending, folding and other processes.
main feature One machine and three stations are synchronized in one, five-arm punching die set, light source alignment, five sets of self-contained guide and guide sleeve molds, double guide cylinder punching device, punching straight out of waste is not blocked, digital ruler equipped with proximity switch The device, the bending angle is clear at a glance.
Station function Various molds such as shearing, punching, bending, vertical bending, pressing pitting, flat pressing, and pressing cable joints can be interchanged independently in the workstation, and the matching specifications are optional.
Electronic control function Start at any time, stop automatically, save electricity and fuel, equipped with preheating function.

 Bending station  Punching station Shearing station 

1. Shearing automatic downward pressure type, upper and lower rubber devices, easy to cut short rows
2. Guide groove, no waste after shearing, small section slope
3. 3-12mm copper and aluminum bars do not need to adjust the blade gap
4. Five-arm mold base, light source alignment, guide and sleeve mold, high punching accuracy
5. Double-cylinder blanking device, the lower die is not easy to damage
6. The design of double guide cylinder with three points and one line, the bending angle is simple and convenient
7. The punching has its own waste collection box for smooth waste discharge
8. The digital ruler is equipped with a proximity switch device, which is simple and convenient to adjust the bending angle
9. The unique design of the tie rod of the bending station and the universal steering punch can process a special shape (U-bend)
10. All kinds of bending molds can be interchanged, no need for professional CNC personnel to operate
11. Compared with traditional CNC, the machine has low cost

The main technical parameters
Nominal pressure 3*350KN
Bending specifications 130*12mm
Punching specification Φ4.3-Φ25
Shear specification 130*12mm
Motor oil station 4KW/22mpa/380V/50Hz
Dimensions 1450*1300*1150
Machine weight 1.32T