Specializing in the production of bus processing machine manufacturers

1-4 Multifunctional single station bus processing machine

Specializing in the production of bus processing machine manufacturers

use  This machine is mainly used for the processing of copper and aluminum busbars of various high and low voltage transmission and distribution complete sets of electrical and power transformers. It is used for the special processing of copper and aluminum busbars; one punching four holes, guiding R angle, embossing, Crimping nose, cutting cable end, etc.
main feature This machine can individually exchange various molds, can solve special processing technology, improve production efficiency and low cost.
Station function One punch and four holes, all kinds of molds such as chamfering, embossing, crimping nose, cutting cable head, etc. can be interchanged, and the matching specifications are optional.
Electronic control function Start at any time, stop automatically, save electricity and fuel, equipped with preheating function.

 Four hole mold  R angle mold  Punching four-hole sample  Chamfer sample

One machine, one station is equipped with hydraulic system and circuit system, which can independently interchange various special molds, solve special processing techniques that cannot be completed by enterprises, improve production efficiency and save equipment costs.

The main technical parameters
Nominal pressure 3*550KN
Motor oil station 4KW/22mpa/380V/50Hz
Dimensions 1100*550*1100
Machine weight 0.2T