Specializing in the production of bus processing machine manufacturers

ZYMX5-5YT1Hydraulic Copper busbar processing machine

Specializing in the production of bus processing machine manufacturers


The machine is mainly used for the processing of copper and aluminum busbar of various complete sets of high and low voltage power transmission and distribution and power transformer, and is respectively used for cutting, punching, bending, folding and other processes of copper and aluminum busbar.

Main features

One machine and five stations are integrated synchronously and used independently at the same time. The shearing station has no waste after shearing, high-precision six arm punching die base, light source alignment, six sets of common molds, double oil cylinder blanking device, fast punching, smooth punching waste discharge, PLC program control and digital ruler are equipped with proximity switch device, large and small bending station pressure adjustment, and manual and NC can be freely converted, The bending angle is simple and convenient.

Station function

Cutting, punching, PLC programmed bending, vertical bending, pockmarking, flat pressing, pressing cable joint and other molds can be matched and interchanged independently in the station, and the supporting specifications are optional.

Electronic control function

PLC fully automatic control, start with use, automatic stop, power and fuel saving, equipped with preheating function



1. Automatic shearing down pressing type, upper and lower rubber devices, short row easy to cut

2. The guide groove has no waste after cutting, and the section perpendicularity is high

3. 3-16mm copper and aluminum bars do not need to adjust the blade clearance

4. Fast punching, high precision six arm punching die base, easy to use, no need to change one

5. High precision guide sleeve, long service life of punching die, high punching precision and saving die cost

6. Double oil cylinder blanking device, the blanking of punching waste is smooth, and the lower concave die is not easy to be damaged

7. The digital ruler is equipped with a proximity switch device, which is simple and fast to adjust the bending angle

8. Punching light source alignment and scale positioning, punching four holes without marking, simple operation

9. Original bending station, open design, equipped with universal turning punch, can bend all kinds of special return bends (U-bend and mouth shape)

10. Separate small bending station can complete special U-shape and improve work efficiency

11. Special embossing station, optional with separate punching four hole mold, inverted R angle and other molds, labor saving and stronger function

12. PLC program control input: angle mode and height width mode, simple and fast operation, mass production


Main technical parameters

Nominal pressure


Shear specification


Hole machining range


Maximum machining dimension of flat bending




Machine dimensions


Machine weight